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What others are saying!

I read the book – it was so good! I couldn’t put it down and actually pulled an all-nighter reading nearly all of it.
Alyssa IvansonWANE-TV News Anchor/Reporter

Love, love, love the book. I just got done reading the Lisa Gardner Series, Det. D.D. Warren Series, and I thought it was going to be hard finding a book as good as hers. I was wrong — Fear for Hire was a wonderful, intriguing read and very well written. I had a hard time putting it down. Hope to see more from this author.




Fear for Hire is the perfect marriage between a sexy romance and a suspense novel. From the very beginning of this book you’re trying to solve the mystery of what is going to happen next; and just when you think you know, the plot thickens and does a 180* turn. Fear for Hire will literally keep you guessing until the last page. The relationship that blossoms between Jack and Molly is beautiful story set in the middle of a dark twisted plot. This book turned into a true page turner, which lead to a 3am bedtime. I enjoyed the book much that I couldn’t put it down and was sad when it finally ended.


Good lord, my heart about stopped when reading the first few minutes of this book. Even though the kidnapping the book started out with was suppose to be fake, the author’s writing style made it seem real. Storyline was intriguing, suspenseful, had turmoil and was steamy hot. Book was a page turner for me and I could not put it down. Loved Jack and Molly’s chemistry and passion. Wanted to slap the crap out of Amanda. Found Jack’s brother Rudy interesting. With all this being said, Loved the book and would recommend.

Under Cover Book Reviews

If you have plans on the day you try to start reading this book….STOP!!! Don’t start this book! Once you do you WON’T put it back down!

This book will snatch you up and not release you till the very end, and then make you sit and ponder what the heck you just read! This author takes a story that she knows will grab the attention of the reader, she knows that they will want to know who did it! That right… WHO DID IT?? But you have to read for yourself to find out!!

Under Cover Book Reviews
Stacy Lawhorn

Not my normal genre, being a 46 year old male.

I loved “Fear for Hire” and found myself unable to put it down many times. Congratulations and well done!

Stacy Lawhorn


This book has an intriguing edge of your seat feel. It kept my attention throughout the entire read. I would recommend Fear For Hire.

ShepardThriller Fan
Anna Valdinger, Publisher

You’ve managed to combine wonderful pace and tension with deft characterization, and above all, a really strong and engaging voice.

Anna Valdinger, PublisherHarper Collins Publishers AustraliaHarper Collins Publishers Australia

Welcome to my dream-come-true! For twenty years, I wrote book after book after book—more than eight manuscripts! Before and after work, on the weekends, and often during my lunch hour, I pounded the keyboard, and imagined the day a respected, well-known publisher would love one of my “masterpieces” as much as I did. That day finally came! HarperCollins is publishing my sexy thriller, FEAR for HIRE!

This is what HarperCollins Submissions Editor Kate Steinweg said about FEAR for HIRE: “I just finished reading your manuscript yesterday and couldn’t put it down. It’s fast-paced and sexy with a plot that keeps you guessing.” I kept waiting for the “but,” but it never came. If you run into me and see a silly grin on my face, I’m just happy. I’m not a lunatic, except during those rare–okay, often–times my characters talk to me.

You see, dreams can come true. Yours can too! Before you go out there and knock down the barriers keeping you from achieving your amazing goal, take a break and lose yourself in my book FEAR for HIRE. Once in a while, look away from the page and think about how lucky we are to have books—they can change our lives!

Always, Natalie